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Let's Check Out an Old Blade Server System with 32 CPUs!

Many, many servers these days run as virtual machines -- but there was a time when virtualization was still just catching on, and companies needed physical servers to be as dense as possible. So let's look at a blade server system from around 2010 that packs 32 CPU sockets and weighs 500 pounds!

Image of C7000 chassis will full-height blades:


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Why Use Blade Server Systems?

Learn how blade server systems and blade switches from BLADE Network Technologies are changing the data center.

Dell M1000e Blade Center - 16 servers, 1tb Ram and 10gb ethernet in a tiny cube!

Qain and Wendell take a look at the Dell M1000e bladecenter:
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Though this equipment is about 3 years old, this setup has 1.5 terabytes of ram and 12 hyper-threaded cores per blade in 16 blades. Each blade in a bladecenter is a fully functional Xeon server, and the bladecenter houses up to 16 of these blades.

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